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Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays,

  I came across this site while looking to see if there was any emergency help in time to provide Christmas presents for my family and thought maybe this site was heaven sent. I am a 40 year old mom, wife and grandmom. I found out I have demylienation disease last year(MS). My husband has his own small home improvement company in Virginia and I was a Maryland realtor but had to let my license go because we couldnt pay my fees. My medicines have literally put us close to bankrupcy. We dont own our own home, I take my medications every 2-3 days because I cant afford to take them like Im siupposed to ( I hide that fact from my husband and daughters). There is a week to Christmas and we have 45.00. We didnt pay the rent this month and have little food. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to come up with some quick money (nothing illegal please. we are a catholic family ). This will be the first Christmas EVER that we cannot provide a Christmas. I feel devestated and very scared. We were used to living a middle class life and usually were the ones answering and helping when we read posts like this for help. I appreciate any advice and please type quickly. I cant bear the  fact that there will be nothing under the tree and soon after no roof over our head. PLEASE PLEASE give me an idea.. Please.  

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I'm so sorry I didn't come across your page until today. I know I am late for the holidays but I've gone through to find various resources that you can turn to for help. I wish you and your family the best, and remember that God does hear our prayers and our times of trial may show someone else something they need to learn for His glory.

Blessings, Anora

I'm sure you've already visited the gov't site but here it is.

This is the national organization for MS. I'm sure you are already connected but in the case you are not, here it is.

Catholic Charities is another organization that can help you with expenses, etc.

You could also see if there is a St. Vincent DePaul near you. Talk to your church. Most Catholic Churches have excellent prgrams for the holidays. You should be able to get an Easter Basket which would include food. Don't be afraid to visit the rectory, this is why the Priests are there. They aren't just there to minister on Sundays. (Though I know they can appear intimidating lol).


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